Why Kelcie's?

  • 100% naturally sourced ingredients
  • Low in sugar, starch and carbohydrates
  • Designed for optimal digestion & nutrition absorption
  • Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis
  • Made in USA
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Promotes Healthy Coat

Our natural horse treats are naturally rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids, which promote a shiny and healthy coat.

Support Strong and Healthy Digestion

Our natural horse treats support optimal digestion for your horse in several ways.

Encourages Saliva Production

Our treat’s unique, bite-sized shape promotes chewing and increased saliva production, which is essential for buffering the stomach to support healthy digestion.

Gut-Friendly, Delicious Nutrients

Naturally low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates, our natural horse treats are full of antioxidants and fiber to support, not only digestion but your horse’s overall health without sacrificing flavor.

Promote Balance in the Hind Gut

The starches present in our natural horse treats are gelatinized so that they can be readily absorbed as glucose in your horse’s small intestine. This reduces the risk of carbohydrate overload and fermentation in the hindgut, which often causes excess fluid or gas. The resulting pressure of which causes discomfort for your horse.

Sustains Fat Absorption

Oils from our natural, raw ingredients are released during digestion, making fat more readily available for absorption.

Great Energy Source

Our natural horse treats allow for higher amounts of healthy oils which provides a source of cool calories and energy for your horse.

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