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The Basics Of Equine Nutrition

Proper nutrition is needed for a healthy body and whether they are raised for competition or leisure purposes, keeping your horse healthy is a very important part of their overall care. Proper nutrition is essential for any horse to achieve their best performance.

Here are Kelcie’s, we advise anyone who wishes to purchase a horse, to read up on equine nutrition. It’s such an important factor in your horse’s health and wellbeing. Whilst we appreciate that you can’t learn everything all at once, it has to be the focus of any new owner.

Five Basic Principles Of Equine Nutrition

Provide enough silica- pasture grass is the natural diet of horses. Silica is required by horses for dental health and they can get this from their natural diet of pasture grass. A good pasture should contain enough nutrition for every horse in your stable.

Here at Kelcie’s, we recommend that owners give horses access to a lush pasture with the right type of grass varieties being timothy grass, Kentucky bluegrass or orchard grass. During winter, we’d suggest that hay is the next-best feed for horses, but quality hay should only be obtained from silica-rich pasture grass.

Avoid feeding too much grain – domesticated horses are usually on fed oats, wheat or corn, depending on the availability. Although nutritious, these grains are not natural foods for horses. It’s best to avoid too much grain because it could cause health problems. Horses chew pasture grass longer, due to the tough fibre. They can chew grains much faster, which means it’s easier for them to overeat.

Concentrates as supplements – horses typically get most of their necessary nutrients through rich pasture grass. However, during winter or when quality hay is not easy to find, concentrate mixes can provide additional nutrition for optimum health. Concentrates for horses may contain beet pulp, flaxseed, molasses, bran, minerals and vitamins. Foals, nursing mares or working horses should always be given concentrate mixes because they need extra nutrients.

Salt – salt is also an important supplement for horses and it is typically provided separately or added in a concentrate mix. Loose salt could be spread occasionally in the pasture, so horses can get adequate sodium or other minerals. We would recommend using natural rock salt or sea salt, so horses can get the potassium, calcium and magnesium that they need.

Give healthy treats – some horse owners mistakenly give their horses human treats thinking that they are good for them. Human treats can include ingredients that aren’t good for your horse’s health, wellbeing and digestion.

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  1. Mia Evans
    July 21, 2023

    I find it interesting when you said that concentrate mixes will be providing additional nutrition to the horses to achieve optimum health. I think I need to find an equestrian lifestyle subscription box that provides those mixes or products. It will help me find the most effective brand that will be keeping my future horse in great condition now that I finally have the means to get a pet like that after years of planning.


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