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Sydney Collier

Sydney Collier was part of the 2016 Paralympian United States Para Dressage Team. Sydney was awarded the 2014 FEI Against All Odds Award as well as the 2014 Junior Equestrian Of The Year for pursuing her passion of Paradressage.

Shortly after she began riding, Sydney had a routine vision screening that changed her life in ways she could not have imagined. Within weeks she was diagnosed with the rare Wyburn-Mason Syndrome, a life threatening condition that causes arteries and veins to grow together causing vascular malformations (AVMs) inside your brain. The rarity of Wyburn-Mason Syndrome meant few options were available for treatment.

The AVMs quickly began affecting her vision and the control of her left side. She was at an extremely high risk for dangerous hemorrhage. With a lack of treatment options near her home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she traveled to Stanford University Medical Center in California for expermental medical treatment. Over the course of eight years Sydney endured a series of experimental treatments including CyberKnife radiation, blood vessel embolization and brain surgery. During a risky brain surgery in 2009, she suffered a devastating and massive stroke. Despite this setback, she entered a rehabilitation center and was determined to get out of her wheelchair and return to the sport of riding.

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