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Margaret H. Duprey recommends Kelcie’s Treats

Margaret H. Duprey is an accomplished dressage rider who successfully competes in the upper levels of dressage.  In addition to dressage horses, Duprey owns high-performance show jumpers competing at the premier levels of international show jumping ridden by Olympian Laura Kraut.

Duprey is the owner of Cedric who Kraut rode as a key member of the United States show jumping team that won the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Margaret H. Duprey and her husband, Robert (Bob), own and operate Cherry Knoll Farm Inc.

Duprey is also a Brand Ambassador for Kelcie’s Treats.

Kelcie’s are notably better than any other treat I have experienced. My horses are always looking for Pumpkin Spice when I visit their stalls, tack up, and after a ride. I love that the treats never fall apart in my hand or in my pocket. And they must smell great, because our dogs always want to try some too! It’s important to me that Kelcie’s Horse Treats are made with healthy, natural products. Even my retired horses, Cedric and Otto, are glad to see me when I come to the field, as they know I have some Pumpkin Spice treats with me.

Buy Kelcie’s Horse Treats – the wholesome ingredients, combined with our unique process, make them a nutritious, easily digestible reward for your equine companion.

Visit our shop to buy our selection of safe and healthy, natural horse treats specially made for the needs of your horse. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay connected to receive updates and exciting news. Post your own pictures on social media and tell us what you and your horse thinks of Kelcie’s Horse Treats.

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