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Why do horses love the flavor of Kelcie's so much?

Kelcie’s Horse Treats include oil of anise, which has a sweet odor and flavor that horses absolutely love. Oil of anise comes from the fruits of Pimpinella anisum and we include it because it’s a great tonic for the horse’s stomach and has long been used as a remedy to relieve digestive disorders. That’s reason enough to BUY Kelcie’s Horse Treats.

Are bananas good for horses?

We think so, which is why we include them in Kelcie’s Healthy Horse Treats. Best known for their rich source of potassium, bananas also contain folate, magnesium, and several other important vitamins and minerals, not to mention a substantial amount of dietary fiber. What’s not to like about the humble banana?

Are Kelcie's as good as homemade horse treats?

Why make your own homemade horse treats when Kelcie’s Healthy Treats will give your equine friend the best horse treat experience in a convenient, bite-sized snack. They’re durable, 100% safe and won’t crumble or leave residue in your pocket. You can find out more here. Our unique and original recipe means that Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are super healthy, nutritious and the perfect reward for your horse. Our horses and our dogs absolutely love them. We promise that even the pickiest of eaters will be asking for more.

Why is kelp included in natural horse treats?

Kelp is a brown sea vegetable, a type of brown algae often described as large seaweed, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber, which are all good for your equine friend. Kelp has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also a useful source of iodine content, which is necessary for improved thyroid stimulation.

Why are Kelcie's Horse Treats called Pumpkin Spice?

Kelcie’s Horse Treats include pumpkin and two kinds of spice, anise and turmeric, so we decided to call our healthy treats, Pumpkin Spice. You can find out more about us, right here! Horses enjoy the flavor of pumpkin because it has a pleasing, natural, sweet flavor. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years, both in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, to treat inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, wounds, liver conditions, and digestive ailments. It’s a useful pain reliever and also beneficial because it has strong antioxidant capabilities.

What can horses eat?

Our horses are family so we give them a regular, balanced diet every day and in addition, we reward our horses with Kelcie’s Horse Treats. We designed them to provide a nutritious, healthy treat or snack for your horse. Please remember that Kelcie’s should never be used as a food replacement but always as a delicious, healthy treat. SHOP for Kelcie’s Horse Treats today!

What foods are toxic to horses?

Sycamore, acers, maple, acorns, yew, foxgloves, ragwort are just a few of the plants which are poisonous to horses. It’s important to know which foods are good for your horse and which are not because feeding them the wrong foods can cause your horse discomfort, pain and even damage to their digestive system. Say no to tomatoes, onions and chocolate – keep that treat for yourself! Here at Kelcie’s we recommend a regular feeding routine for your four-legged friend and then top it up with some healthy treats, such as Kelcie’s Horse Treats as a delicious, nutritious reward.

What do you feed a horse?

Getting the right nutrition for your horse is vital. If you’re following a healthy regime and feeding your horse a nutritious diet every day, you’ll definitely want to ensure that you’re rewarding your equine friend with only the very best, 100% safe and healthy horse treats. Every ingredient in Kelcie’s Horse Treats is carefully selected by experts. Kelcie’s are naturally low in sugar, starch and carbohydrates, and we use blackstrap molasses which has the lowest sugar content of any sugar cane product. Blackstrap molasses includes a variety of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, magnesium and calcium, which are all beneficial for building and maintaining strong bones.

Do Kelcie's natural horse treats have any artificial colors in them?

Do you want to give your equine friend horse treats without artificial junk in them? Kelcie’s Horse Treats are made using 100% natural ingredients, which are locally sourced from neighborhood farmers. We never add preservatives or artificial colors to our horse treats. If you agree with us that your horse deserves the best, then there’s really only one choice – Kelcie’s Healthy Horse Treats are the best, natural horse treats that you can buy. Find out WHO LOVES KELCIE’S as much as we do!

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