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Ardencote Farm recommends Kelcie’s Horse Treats

We talk to Dale Hailstones, high level show jumping groom at Ardencote Farm in Warwickshire, about why he chooses Kelcie’s Horse Treats for his horses.

Kelcie’s Treats have quickly become a crowd favorite at Ardencote Farm. We have been feeding Kelcie’s to all of the horses in the barn and I can honestly say that even our fussy eaters go crazy for them. We initially used Kelcie’s as a reward when our show horses came out of the ring but have found that they are perfect for many other occasions.

We now use Kelcie’s when catching the young horses from the field. Even the broodmares, who are usually very picky, go crazy for them! Using Kelcie’s as a reward, also helped us refine our trailer loading technique for one of our more nervous horses. Our team at Ardencote Farm feel great using Kelcie’s because we know that their treats are made with very few ingredients and are all natural. And best of all, they never crumble in our pockets.

Kelcie’s Treats are great value for the money and confidently receive the thumbs up, 5 out of 5 stars from Ardencote Barn!

Buy Kelcie’s Horse Treats – the wholesome ingredients, combined with our unique process, make them a nutritious, easily digestible reward for your equine companion.

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