Kelcie's Heathy Horse Treats are the perfect reward for your horse (or equine friend). Even the pickiest of eaters will be asking for more.

Nutritious & Delicious

After a lifelong experience of caring for and working with horses, we have finally found a unique and original recipe for the perfect healthy horse treat. Our flagship product, Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats, are 100% natural and healthy horse treats, which means they are nutritious, easily digestible and most importantly, unquestionably delicious.

100% Extruded for Optimal Digestion

Kelcie's Horse Treats are manufactured using a unique extrusion process for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. The extrusion process also removes moisture which promotes a long shelf life.

Convenient Bite-Sized Pieces

Kelcie's Horse Treats come in convenient bite-sized pieces that easily fit in your pocket. Our unique manufacturing process creates a durable, natural treat that won’t fall apart, crumble or leave residue.

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our promise

We promise to use only the freshest, locally sourced, natural products in our healthy horse treats. Our horses are family and they deserve only the very best horse cookies, which is why we will never add preservatives, artificial colors, or unhealthy ingredients to Kelcie's Horse Treats.

Locally-Sourced Natural Ingredients

Each ingredient in our all-natural horse cookies is carefully selected by our team of experts. The wholesome ingredients, combined with our unique process, make Kelcie's treats 100% safe and healthy horse treats for your equine companion.

We strictly use locally sourced natural ingredients that are freshly harvested by our team of neighborhood farmers and suppliers in the USA.

Healthy Horse Treats Made for Everyone

Our Healthy Horse Treats are made for every horse, from your family equine friend to competitive show jumpers. They're the top healthy horse treat to choose! So whether you have a young horse, a retired old friend, a broodmare or a fussy eater, Kelcie's Horse Treats are the best, natural, healthy horse treats that you can buy.

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Who loves Kelcie's


Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Each batch is crafted using locally-sourced, natural ingredients.


Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are manufactured using a unique extrusion process which creates a specific density and shape designed for optimal digestion and nutrition absorption. This extrusion process also decreases moisture and prevents mold growth. This enables our bags to have a longer shelf life, although your horse will likely eat the entire bag long before.


Who loves Kelcie's

Kelcie's are notably better than any other treat I have experienced. My horses are always looking for Pumpkin Spice when I visit their stalls, tack up, and after a ride. I love that the treats never fall apart in my hand or in my pocket. And they must smell great, because our dogs always want to try some too! It’s important to me that Kelcie's Horse Treats are made with healthy, natural products. Even my retired horses, Cedric and Otto, are glad to see me when I come to the field, as they know I have some Pumpkin Spice treats with me.

Margaret Hamilton Duprey

Over the years I have become a softie when it comes to giving my horses treats. I find myself filling my pockets to the max just to keep the ponies happy.  One of the many reasons I love Kelcie's Horse Treats is not only for their nutritional components but also because they don’t crumble in my pockets.  They stay perfectly intact so I can generously reward my horses at the end of each ride - and often before as well!

Robyn Fisher

Alyssa Phillips on why she loves Kelcie’s Natural Horse Treats

Hi Everyone, I am Alyssa Phillips, I’m with one of my younger horses here. As you can see, all my horse loves Kelcie’s natural Treats. In the barn and we have 18 horses and they all eat them. Even our dogs love the horse cookies. I wish I could show you how obsessed my dog is with them but he is currently in Texas. What’s really good about Kelcie’s Horse Treats is you don’t really have to worry about over feeding as horses can eat up to 2lb of these horse cookies per day. And they are really good for the horses and the pumpkin spice flavour is very tasty. Here is Thea… see even the dogs love them. Thank you Kelcie’s Treats for all you do for our horses and our dogs.

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